Previous Events


Davis Clothing and Outdoor, Bossier, LA  April 12, 2017. This event was co-sponsored by Sports South Inc. and Century Firearms. The one day event highlighted Century Firearms Canik TP9SA and several of the AK-47’s that are part of the Century Firearms inventory. More than 90 people were able to fire six different weapons prior to purchasing.

USCCA 2017 Expo, Ft. Worth Convention Center, April 7-9, 2017.  USCCA held their 3rd annual expo in Ft. Worth, Texas. Hundreds of potential customers and attendees were able to shoot a variety of firearms from Bond Arms, Diamond Back, FN, Kahr, Springfield, Walther. USCCA is one of Mobile Tactics premiere customers.

Superior Guns, Tyler, Texas, March 30-April 1, 2017. Superior Firearms held their 2nd annual two day sales event, and sponsored a shoot for local law enforcement, utilizing the on-board CAPS decision making live fire training. On March 30th five local departments sent officers to shot. Then on April 1st, hundreds of people were able to shot a variety of firearms that were available for purchase inside the store.

Sig Sauer and Orion Firearms, Jeffersonville, IN – Sig Sauer hosted a two day event, focusing on potential customers of Orion allowing them to fire seven different Sig Sauer firearms. Sig provided all of the targets, ammunition, and guns, while Orion and the Sig Academy provided instructional staff, along with MT personnel.

Woods and Water, Imlay City, MI – Williams Gunsight of Davison, Michigan sponsored MT for the Woods and Water event, in conjunction with Sig Sauer Firearms. The event is Michigan’s largest fall outdoor show, with over 20,000 attendees and hundreds of exhibitors. Williams contracted for an entire week, even though the event was for three days only. The last two days of the event Williams provided five local police departments the opportunity to use the range for decision making, shoot-don’t-shoot, saving those agencies large overtime budgets to qualify their officers. See Article:

USCCA(United States Concealed Carry Association)Expo in Atlanta, GA – MT was rented out by USCCA in order to have indoor live fire capabilities for people interested in purchasing certain firearms. USCCA sublet the range out to Manufactures including: Walther Arms, Glock, FN, Kahr, Springfield Armory, Bond Arms, and Heizer. This gave USCCA members and attendees the ablility to try before they buy, which was a huge benefit for our manufacturers and USCCA.

Marco Island Police Department- MT Provided the Marco Island PD with real world training using decision making software, no light and low light conditions, and forward of the line training. This was all sponsored by local businesses in order to help improve the training of Law Enforcement within their community. See Videos and article:   Also:

Miami-Dade (FL) Police Department – MT provided the Miami-Dade SWAT Team and Firearms Training Division with a demonstration of the mobile range as a supplement to their current firearms training program which would reduce cost and increase decision making training.

Florida Chiefs of Police Conference – MT was hired by the Sig Sauer Firearms Company to allow the attending chiefs an opportunity to test fire firearms for potential purchase. The mobile range was parked in the parking area of the Marriott Renaissance Resort within close proximity to a world class golf course. )

Valor Corporation – Distributors of firearms, ammunition and supplies to retail firearms dealers and law enforcement. MT provided the range, parked at the Valor loading dock, during an “open house” event that allowed customers to test fire weapons from major manufacturers (Glock, Smith&Wesson, CZ, Laserlyte) prior to purchase.

South Florida Police/Security/Fire Expo – MT attended this event two years in a row allowing manufacturers to allow law enforcement, security personnel and agencies the opportunity to test fire firearms while at the trade show. The first year, the range was located in the parking lot and serviced over 200 customers. The second year, the mobile range was located INSIDE the Palm Beach Convention Center and again serviced over 200 shooters.

The Lakeland Gun Show – MT provided the mobile range in the main parking lot of the Lakeland Center, one of the biggest gun shows in the state of Florida. The range allowed those obtaining training to receive the Florida Concealed Carry Permit a convenient opportunity to satisfy the firearms requirements on the same premise where the classes were being held.

Travel Centers of America/Lakeland (Truck Stop) – MT provided the mobile range in the main parking area of the truck stop as a promotion allowing truckers a way of using the range for recreation during there mandated DOT “downtime”.

Marco Island Police Department – MT provides the Marco Island PD with a convenient state of the art firearms facility allowing officers to satisfy state and federal mandated qualifications.

Crystal River (FL) Police Department – MT provided Crystal River PD with a firearms facility in order for them to qualify for State mandated training.